Protest Chevron on April 20, 2012

Join us to demonstrate against Chevron Richmond on Friday evening, April 20, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Richmond BART station and marching to a rally at the Richmond Civic Center. Occupy Earth Day is reclaiming Earth Day by exposing Chevron’s dirty secrets.

This demonstration adds to the ongoing community activism in Richmond directed at the ways Chevron has been a bad neighbor. Chevron is a perfect example of how the 1% destroys the health and well-being of the 99%. In the case of Richmond, this includes major pollution. Chevron is the largest industrial greenhouse gas polluter in California. And Chevron is investigating using dirtier crude oil which would create even more pollution. There are periodic bad air alerts in Richmond and the ever-present danger of fires, flares and explosions. In 2006, fumes from an explosion sent hundreds of residents to hospitals.

In addition to pollution, Chevron endangers the community because of its greed. Chevron is attempting to get a refund of over 100 million in taxes it paid in Contra Costa County over a six year period. If Richmond and other governments have to pay this money to Chevron, it will have a devastating impact on services to residents, possibly even bankrupting these communities.

Chevron doesn’t need the money. Its profits in 2011 were $27 billion.

Chevron is not a job-creator for the City of Richmond. Only 6.9% of the plant employees live in the city. Yet Chevron is attempting to control Richmond’s government by pouring vast sums of money into local elections. The mayor of Richmond is in the Green Party and there are two other strong progressives on the city council, but during elections Chevron spends millions opposing them, trying to replace them with politicians sympathetic to the 1%. Yet the progressive mayor and council members who take no corporate money have prevailed because the community is with them.

These are some of the issues that will mobilize us on April 20.

The march is co-sponsored by Occupy Richmond, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Berkeley, the RIchmond Progressive Alliance, the West County Toxics Coalition, the Bay Area Sierra Club and others. I

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Our Mission

Corporate polluters and government colluders co-opted Earth Day as a feel-good holiday that puts the responsibility for “saving the planet” on individuals.

We are reclaiming Earth Day:

  • to highlight the connections between our ecological and social crises
  • to target the corporations profiting from the environmental devastation which threatens to end life as we know it
  • to build communities that respect the earth and all living beings

Read a brief history about the radical roots and the corporate co-option  of Earth Day:

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